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This combination of partners provides us with what we believe is a unique perspective on issuers' reporting requirements and allows us to better meet their needs.

Our team is made up of a small, hand-selected group of individuals that we have worked with before and who can be relied on to execute under stress.

Over a five year period we've developed, operated, maintained, and enhanced multiple sophisticated and innovative reporting tools for a Fortune 500 client with a $20 billion balance sheet that relies heavily on an intensely complex global structured finance ecosystem.

Build and enhance financing reporting software, systems, and processes

What We've Done
What We Do

Not every issuer is going to be the right fit for our team. 
If the information on this page sounds like we might be right for your company, we would be glad to discuss your needs and assess whether we believe we can help. 

Fill out the form below or email info@hardrightsolutions.com and we will be in touch shortly.

Kirk Shryoc

Legal - Paul Weiss

Banking - Merrill Lynch / BAML

Corporate Treasury - Hertz

Structured Finance Professional
Josh Redden

Database & Software - Teradata

Travel & Transportation - Hertz

Manufacturing - Kroger

Technology Systems Specialist
Kris Hunt

Travel & Transportation - Hertz

Retail - Lowe's, Walmart & DSW

Actuarial - Crum & Forster

Data Scientist & Programmer

Think Our Team Could Help?

We are a small agile team that is solely focused on building useful solutions that properly handle our clients’ specific requirements.

We will leverage existing IT and reporting infrastructure whenever possible, building custom tools as needed. 

We will move light and fast.

We recognize your capital is valuable, and we will ensure you spend it wisely.

We also recognize that the applications we build are critical from a compliance and investor relations perspective and that failure of our tools could have material consequences.

If we take a job, we will deliver.

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